The Path for Becoming a Journeymen Tile Setter:

Fill out your FloorPros profile letting us and the industry know you’re ready to begin.

Start with online education courses that give you immediate knowledge of all aspects of the trade. Entry level courses are available for low costs or even free for FloorPros members at the UofCTS University and NTCA University.

Take more advanced online courses at the University of Ceramic Tile and Stone – The Tile Installer Thin-set Standards (ITS) verification course is the best online training program available to teach you about industry standards, practices, and proper installation methods for thin-set applications.

Let FloorPros know when you are ready to start a job and we can get you in touch with the companies in your area that looking for new recruits.

Work in the industry while taking online training courses to become a skilled apprentice also known as a tile helper. This process can take a couple of years or more depending or your aptitude and dedication.

After becoming a skilled apprentice, you can begin on the path to becoming a skilled floor covering installers or sales person as you will already have all the foundation knowledge skills required. Becoming a true journeymen flooring covering installer can take many years, however you will be able to train and learn more as you work. Your pay level will keep increasing as you learn more and become more valuable to the company you work for.

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